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I told mom about tyler and josh not winning any awards last night so she made me a twenty one pilots pizza to help with the feelings

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July 20, 2014
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Everyone is making such a stink over this award show that I will be so surprised if they ever even do it again. This was solely fan voted, every band that won something won because their fans voted for them. If you’re unhappy that your favorite band didn’t win anything, then make sure you vote next year. That’s all I can tell ya. Please stop with all of the petty nonsense. It’s unnecessary and it is so highly unwanted/unneeded. Making fun of people whose favorite band’s did win something, or making comments like; “I guess scene isn’t dead after all,” makes you look ridiculous. Making comments like: “They didn’t deserve to win that, OMG their stupid fan girls,” makes you look even more ridiculous. Immaturity is not a very sought after quality in any aspect of life, and I can tell that some of you still have a LOT of growing up to do.


I luv my new shirt

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